Golden Spanish Heritage or the Best Cheeses III.

03. Února 2019 Golden Spanish Heritage or the Best Cheeses III.

Nata de Cantabria - Cantabria

Cretan Cantabria cheese comes from the Cantabrian coastal region of Cantabria, in northern Spain (Vizcaya Bay). Prior to obtaining the designation of origin, he was only known as Queso de Nata. His name perfectly defines the properties of this cheese. Soft, almost melted in the mouth, has a delicate taste of cream cheese but with an outstanding characteristic bitter element.

Roncal - Navarra

Roncal cheese comes from the sheep's milk of legendary sheep breeds Lach and Aragonese. Depending on the season, these herds are grazed in the High Pyrenees or in the Bardena area of Navarra Province, which was the place for Ernest Hemingway's "Elegant Ascendancy." Roncal, made in one of the seven villages in the Valle de Roncal, has a walnut and spicy flavor with a stronger aroma and harder structure. It is somewhat similar to Pecorino Toscano and Manchego, but Roncal is still unique. It melts in the mouth and leaves its authentic taste in them. It blends great with many kinds of wine. However, we recommend this cheese accompanied by Tempranillo wine.

Tetilla - La Coruña

Tetilla DO is an unusual cheese. Its remarkable shape resembles the shape of a female breast (Tetilla). This wide cone-shaped cheese is made from cow's milk fed on green pastures beyond the coastal mountain ranges. The cheese is made from pasteurized cows' milk and has a yellow crust. It is creamy and its taste is slightly salty. The milk used for production comes from well-known breeds like Frisians, Alpine Browns and Rubia Gallego.

Zamorano - Zamora

Zamorano is a hard sheep cheese. They differ from their famous Manchega with their fuller and more distinctive taste. Zamorano's cheese is slightly sharp on the first taste, but then you will find butter and nut flavor and a unique texture that dissolves in your mouth. This cheese is good to pair with full red or white wine.

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