Gin Tonic

01. Června 2018 Gin Tonic

Ginebra as Spaniards call gin is the most popular bar drink in Spain. In the course, small distilleries are characterized by traditional practices in some cases with innovative elements, the use of unusual herbs, special water, etc. Thanks to this boom of the Spanish gin they win prestigious international competitions and find them in the best specialized bars.

Gin Xoriguer

Cult gin from Mahon to Menorca. Xoriguer is one of the few gin in the world (next to Plymouth), which has the geographical designation "Gin de Menorca". Xoriguer is the result of the distillation of high-quality tartar alcohol together with a selected juniper from the mountainous areas of the island and other herbs whose origin and identity are very carefully guarded.

Harbor Gin

Gin Harbor is lightly colored in blue turquoise colors with emerald green reflections that resemble the color of the summer sea. The aroma is full of elegant tones of juniper berries on the background of the pleasant scent of the sea, coming from the wild herbs of the Delta River Ebro. Tones of porridge, lavender, thyme, plums and freshly picked olives. On the floor, gin is fresh and elegant. Alcohol is absolutely perfectly integrated into the structure of gin.

Santamania London Dry Gin

Santamania London Dry Gin. The basis is the grapes of the traditional Tempranillo grape varieties and the original selection of herbs from classic juniper, lime, lime, coriander to an unusual combination of raspberries and pistachios. The taste of Santamania's gin is excellent and magnificent. Gin is best enjoyed alone with a pile of ice, decorated with lemon, lime or raspberries.

Siderit Gin

Siderit Dry Gin is a premium London Dry Gin produced in Spanish Cantabria. Enjoy Siderit Dry Gin with ice, lemon peel and / or PHI tonic. With Siderite you enjoy the perfect Gin and Tonic.

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