30. Července 2018 Gazpacho

Whether you have your vacation behind or in front of you, there are heat in Prague and it is asking for refreshment!

Of course we also have drinky, but you will not be satisfied, so we have prepared gazpacho for you - a wonderful and especially COLD soup full of tomatoes and Mediterranean summer comfort.

From 2 to 4 August , stop at the Sabores stone store - Vyšehradská 6 in Prague 2 and enjoy Spain!

Gazpacho belongs to the Spanish summer as well as to the Czech winter includes a welding machine. Together with paella it is the most famous Spanish food ever. This is also the reason why recipes for gaspacho are too creative, full of distinctive improvements.

Gazpacho is terribly easy to prepare. However, due attention should be paid to selecting ingredients. Not for nothing is the exclusive season for gazpacho summer. Only in summer can you get tomatoes that are fully mature and have a pleasant sweet taste. The most suitable varieties of tomatoes for gazpacho are so-called tomatoes de pera. These are oval oblong tomatoes, which are often used in Italian cuisine. Popular varieties of this type of tomato are, for example, tomatoes San Marzano and Roma VF. In choosing, however, remember the most important. All vegetables in the gaspacha must be ripe. That's why you'd better use the ripe round tomatoes than the unripe oval.


Our gazpacho is made from fresh vegetables with extra virgin olive oil VILLAOLIVO and without the use of any type of chemical additives or preservatives. With our recipe we have an unsweetened taste, delicate texture and excellent quality. We produce a traditional way that contributes to the organic production process. Our glass containers preserve the quality of the food and extend the time the product is fresh and 100% great. Ideal for exporting refreshing recipes of Spanish gastronomy around the world.

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