Fruit and wood connections in each bottle - BAI GORRI

13. Listopadu 2018 Fruit and wood connections in each bottle - BAI GORRI

In the town of Samaniego, at the foot of the "Sierra de Cantabria" is Bodegas BAIGORRI. A glass building perfectly integrated into its surroundings emerges from its privileged location in Rioja Alavesa.

The building, which is fully adapted to the current topography, develops the whole process harmoniously below its surface.

It is a place where a visitor can view the wine production process. Bodegas BAIGORRI was designed and built by architect Iñaki Aspiaz, who has adapted the building to a unique way of making our wines and a reference to architecture in an area that blends with the environment.


BAIGORRI carries out careful harvesting on its vineyards. We apply a rigorous selection process.

The grapes for our wine come from sustainable agriculture, according to nature, thanks to the use of traditional and modern ways. They are grown in old vineyards, deeply rooted in our native land and culture, which gives us a unique quality. Grapes are harvested by hand and processed with great care to make the true taste of nature turn into wine. The high quality of our wines comes from the vineyard and is a clear reflection of the soil, climate and tradition of Rioja Alavesa.

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