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03. Září 2018 Exceptional beer

Beer is inherent in sitting with friends, spending a long day at work or even on special occasions. However, these extraordinary moments include beer with its own exceptional. After a long selection of exclusive beer, we chose AMBAR, which we would like to introduce to you. Choosing the best Spanish beer was not easy, but we already have it and you will love it.


AMBAR is the result inspired by the idea of a group of friends to make the most of the rich and excellent barley in Aragon, founded by La Zaragozana, a brewery with high quality beer.

Let's take a look at the important milestones in the company's existence:


We decided to take our beer on the road to make it known in Madrid, London and Paris, where they will return from each trip with a medal on their label.


Wooden barrels would be behind, we decided to favor aluminum that would later be replaced by stainless steel.


We launched Ambar Export, our delicious beer, with extremely reddish color.


We had the dark mind that we re-launched Ambar Negra on the basis of the original recipe from Carlos Schlaffer, the only one with a sugar cane.


We have left some lemons, we have also made the most of them and Ambar Lemon has been created; it was the first beer in Spain with a real lemon juice.


It was a great year for Ambar Beers when we re-confirmed the World Beer Challenge and we won four more medals at the World Beer Awards. We also changed the image of the product and we are ready for everything to come.


Three malts had to be used to achieve this type of beer. And that's what we did. It brews with three malts, has double fermentation and slowly reaches beer with a large body, taste and character. It has an exceptional roasting that gives the beer reddish color, rich in aromatic shades and extra cream head. This beer has a personality set and 7% alcohol. She won the gold medal at the World Beer Challenge 2015.


This is the beer the waiter will bring when you order Ambar. It's our flagship, nice cold beer that you drink at home to suppress the thirst you drink when you go out for a beer with your friends what you did to get good news and simply because it's really special .

Such a versatile companion - a perfectly balanced beer that, thanks to its medium-roasted malt, can recognize the amber-colored color. This beer is cooked with the finest barley and hops, ferments at low temperatures to achieve the perfect body and scent for the sole purpose of enjoying it!


This beer is ideal for awakening your senses, starting with a dark tone and an exotic scent that reminds you of black licorice, chocolate or caramel. It also appeals to your taste because the sweetness of sugar cane balances the bitter nuances of grain baking. Ambra Negra's enjoyment is like traveling to the tropics.

From September 6th to 8th, we organize AMBAR's beer tasting, whose history dates back to 1900. In the portfolio we have even the first beer in Spain, which will certainly not miss our tasting.

In addition to the oldest and most prestigious recipe in Spain, it will not miss the driver, the 40% fruit juice drinker for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, black beer for caramel lovers, something more spicy and tasting the winners of international competitions.

Stop at any time daily from 9:00 to 20:00 and discover the exceptional Spanish.

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