DO Ribera del Duero from harsh conditions to the best wines

19. Března 2018 DO Ribera del Duero from harsh conditions to the best wines
A strong, icy wind blows over the vineyards. A few months later, cold and frosty sunshine brings a warm summer that brings high temperatures in the day and cooler at night. The region around the Duero River in the north of Spain is affected by the hard and sometimes not warming climate and poor calcareous soil. Wines that are born despite the occasional bad weather are extraordinary and are full of fruity flavors. The wine region of the Ribera del Duero is located in the Castilla y León region and is one of the five wine regions in the Province of Castile and León that have a DO (Denominación de Origen) trademark. And it's also one of the most famous of them. Vineyards with a designation of origin were founded in Ribera del Duero only in 1982, but wine production has a long tradition in this area.
The area is dominated by the cultivation of blue grapes from which the quality red wine is pressed. Vinohradní land occupies about 16 000 hectares and we would find here in 170 smaller or larger wineries. Among the most famous are Prado Rey, Dominio de Cair, Finca Villacreces or Vega Sicilia.
Red wines produced in this area must meet the following criteria: They contain at least 11.5% of the alcohol and make up at least 75% of the Tinta del País variety (another name for the typical Spanish variety Tempranillo). The remaining varieties can be Cabernet-Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot or Garnacha Tinta. The wines from the Ribera del Duero area are interesting and sought after for their complex aroma, fruity taste and dark ruby color.
Well-known viticulture
The winery, which belongs to one of the largest vineyards in the region, is located in the eastern part of the Ribery del Duero. Their wines are annually valued by the most famous wine critics worldwide. In addition to wine production, PradoRey is dedicated to producing other high-quality products such as cheese, oil and wine products.
PradoRey Reserva
Variety: 95% Tinto Fino, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Merlot
Taste the top-quality red wine from the DO Ribera del Duero area, which matured for 24 months in American oak barrels and another 4 months in French oak barrels and whose scent evokes ripe fruit. This wine is suitable for meat dishes, jam and mature hard cheeses. Delicious wine PradoRey Reserva earned 91 points in Robert Parker's criticism of wines.
Dominio de Cair
The Dominio de Cair winery is inspired by Juan Luis Cañas and Juan José Iribecampos. Cair (the name was made by composing the first two letters of their surname) is a winery that combines innovative modern wine-making practices with those years proven.
Red wine Cair, Crianza
Variety: 100% Tempranillo (Tinto fino)
Wine matured in new American and French oak barrels for 12 months, has a beautiful color of ripe cherries. It will appeal to you with its intense aroma, with a touch of fruit, wood and dark chocolate. On the palate it is wide, with a wide range of flavors with a pleasant tannin, long and velvety. This wine perfectly complements the game, strong cheeses or fish.

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