Cortijo Los Aguilares winery - special care for every grape

24. Září 2018 Cortijo Los Aguilares winery - special care for every grape

For the last decade, we have seen enormous interest in Ronda wines, yet the welfare of Spain continues to catch up with other European countries. In recent years, concentrated efforts have been under way to support the Rondan winery, and to this end the Association of Viticulture Plant Growers in Serrania de Ronda (Asociación de Viticultores de la Serrania) has brought together a grouping of all winemakers in Serrania under the Ronda wine brand "Vinos de Ronda".

Cortijo Los Aguilares

The grapes are harvested manually and the smallest collection boxes are used to protect the integrity of the fruit. It spends the first 24 hours in the cold chamber around 2 ° C, which reduces the amount of sulphates that are not at all desired. We use exclusively grapes from our own vineyards, where we can guarantee the quality of their collection, subsequent processing and their own.

We try to limit the use of pumps that can affect the quality of the finished product. The maturing process uses French oak barrels, which come from the best suppliers and are controlled and possibly discarded after they have been used three times. Wine maturation is controlled by the temperature and humidity of the surroundings.

Cortijo Los Aguilares, Los Aguilares Rosado, DO Sierras de Málaga

The wine is made from the Tempranillo and Petit Verdod varieties. After honest selection of the best grapes there is a fermentation at low temperatures, which makes the wine retain a strong aroma.

It is a complex wine with a floral aroma with a hint of strawberries. Light and refreshing, perfectly balanced taste. Wine that fits a wide selection of meals. One of the most popular wines of this winery. Year 2012.

Cortijo Los Aguilares, Los Aguilares Tinto, DO Sierras de Málaga

An attractive wine with a long taste, fresh and slightly oily with balsamic tones. Wine is produced using traditional methods. The grapes of the Tempranillo, Syrah and Merlot grapes are carefully collected and picked and further processed. This delicious wine with the taste of red fruit and fennel is good for every occasion.

Cortijo Los Aguilares, Pago El Espino, DO Sierras de Málaga

Excellent red wine of the Tempranillo, Merlor and Petit Verdot varieties grown in the Sierras de Málaga area hidden between the mountains and the sea. The grapes are picked up by hand, carefully picked up and cooled down to 2 ° C after being in the cellar. Traditional wine production and ripening process for 16 months in barricade barrels guarantee a good wine full of fruity taste with balsamic tones.

Cortijo Los Aguilas, Pinot Noir, DO Sierras de Málaga

Delicious white wine made from the Pinto Noir variety, which gains international prestige. Wine is grown on vineyards at an altitude of 900 meters and grapes are macerated at low temperatures. The fermentation takes place in barrique barrels and parts in stainless steel oval-shaped dances, which ensure that the original aroma is preserved. After 8 months of ripening, the wine is ready for sale.

The wine is characterized by a floral aroma and perfectly complements the roast meat, especially poultry and beef.

From these captivating wines we have prepared their selection for you:
If you prefer to taste wine first, stop Thursday to Saturday (September 26-29) - Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00 to 20:00 and Friday from 11:00 to 20:00 at Vyšehradská 6 , Prague 2. We are looking forward to you.

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