CAVA Spanish sister Champagne

27. Června 2018 CAVA Spanish sister Champagne

Sparkling wines labeled Cava are Spanish like Champagne wines. It is produced like traditional champagne, a secondary fermentation of wine in a bottle. Traditional varieties for production are Macabeu, Xarello and Parellada. About 95% of Cavy is produced in the Penedes area of Catalonia. Under Spanish law, Cavy can be produced in seven other wine regions - Aragon, Basque, Castile and Léon, Extramadura, Navara, La Rioja, Valencia.

Imagine exceptional winemakers whose Cava will charm you!

Agusti Torelló Mata

Agusti Torelló Mata was born in a family of tailors and musicians, but at a very young age he entered the world of cavalry, a world that turned into his profession and found his passion. Pioneering, passionate and tireless, he created the first laboratory for wine analysis in the industry in 1953. In 1959 he succeeded in establishing his own wine company Cava.

Thanks to enthusiasm and vision, it soon became the reference point for the internationalization of the cavalry. In this spirit, he advocated the creation of the Cava Guild, which recognized his work by bringing him the position of his honorary president a few years ago.


"Wines created with the desire to be a reflection of the landscape that surrounds them.

In search of new paradigms, we commit ourselves to organic winemaking, which respects the diversity of landscapes that make up the Penedès area. That is why we are working to revive traditional varieties that are rooted in the region, with the synergy and synergy of people working on their hearts. "

Guided by Agusti Torelló Sibilla and his family, the AT Roca project was established in 2012 with the aim of maximizing the expression of the old vineyards of various Penedès corners.

"Our intention is therefore based on a commitment in the region and its inhabitants because we are farmers, oenologists and winegrowers, but we are mainly people who understand wine as the original language of the country."


In 1924, Josep Mata Capellades began in the world as a sommelier and a professional winemaker. He took his tools and began to build cellars right under the house, in the historic center of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia (in Barcelona).

This was the start of an exciting business storyline rooted in craftsmanship.

The 1999 edition of Turó d'en Mota, which saw the light of the world in the fall of 2008, represents a new chapter in Recaredo's history. Turo d'en Mota is the first cow made of a single grape variety (100% Xarello) harvested from a single vineyard. It is also the oldest cava who has spent more than a hundred months contacting chalices.

"Nineteen years have passed since our grandfather had eaten his first bottle. Today, when we look at our shared history and values we have been given, we have been inspired by them, and we are continuing with a bold approach to agriculture that includes work in harmony with the landscape. We do the work of winemakers and producers - that's our profession. That's our story. But without the support and fidelity of everyone who loves Recaredo, it would never have become history. "

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