An explosion of tastes that will surprise you

27. Srpna 2018 An explosion of tastes that will surprise you

Spaniards produce traditional, citrus, marmalades. Thanks to the natural conditions that make up the perfect ocean and hot summers, the fruits of fruit are thriving, and not just those. Spaniards not only know how to make fruits but have you tried tomato, chestnut or gin marmalade tonic? You just have to have it!

At our shop and in the shop you will find La Molienda Verde marmalade. The company is based on transparency and natural products.

They refer to all the processes that influence food preparation, they can express them in three ways:

1. Local resources. This means they have control over the product, from cultivation in the field to its arrival to the final consumer.

2. Natural production. They do not use chemical additives (preservatives, dyes, stabilizers, etc.). They have a range of products that are certified as "100% Environmentally Friendly".

3. Recycle, respect. The philosophy of work they apply in containers (they only work with glass); and are connected to Green Point Ecoembes, which is an approved waste recycling company to produce.

Gin Tonic to eat

This delicious marmalade is made of gin, tonic and supplemented with cardamom, juniper and rose pepper. It is a product of organic farming and for its excellent taste won the Salon gourmets Madrid 2015, where it was literally called "Gin Tonic for Eating".

Sweet raspberry

La Molienda's delicious raspberry marmalade is made only from the best raspberries of southern Andalusia. Raspberries are a significant source of vitamin C - just a cup of raspberries covers 88% of the daily dose. This marmalade contains only raspberries and sugar and makes any desserts or toasts great.

Blueberry Surprise

This delicious jam is made of the finest blueberries sunk under the Spanish sun. We recommend it in cakes, pancakes, cookies or toasted toasts.

Fluffy chestnuts

An interesting blend of chestnut, chocolate, brandy and cinnamon flavors creates a delicate fluffy foam that melts on your tongue. Foam is excellent as a separate dessert, in pancakes, as a filling in cakes or with a pudding.
Would you like to taste the jam? Interesting flavors make our store much more. What about a peach or a red wine?

From the 30th until the 1st of September, come to taste the excellent marmalades of the family-run La Molienda. Discover unconventional flavors such as Gin Tonic, chestnut marmalade or fruit marmalade without added sugar. All marmalades are natural.

Stop at any time daily from 9:00 to 20:00 and discover the exceptional Spanish.

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