Amaren - Winery dedicated to Mother Luis Canas

22. Ledna 2018 Amaren - Winery dedicated to Mother Luis Canas
The Amaren winemaking was born in 1995 in honor of the mother of Juan Luis Cañas (the owner of the Luis Cañas winery).


An inexhaustible worker, she devoted her life to work in the countryside and the vineyard. The first wine produced in the winery was AMAREN, the mother's wine "el vino de la madre", the wine of the Angels. Juan Luis dreamed AMAREN to be a synonym for perfect, perfectly balanced wines. The perfection of this wine is manifested in all steps of its elaboration, from the care of the vineyard, grape harvesting, through strict selection to ripening in carefully selected oak barrels.

Location of vines:
The vineyards are located in the Rioja Alavesa area, an area dominated by vineyards wherever you look. The vineyards are situated mostly on slopes and terraces, and are protected by the Sierra Cantabria Mountains in the north. Villabuena is a territory located in the south of the province of Alava (Rioja Alavesa), where the care of vineyards and wine production is almost the only activity that has developed in the region. In this part of Rioja Alavesa are the most favorable natural conditions for the production of quality wine.
Area features:
The proximity of the Atlantic and the presence of the Sierra Cantabria Mountains on the northern part of the vineyards (protection of vineyards) is causing the colder winds from the north, but the climate is influenced by the continental and Mediterranean climatic influences. The average annual temperature is about 13 ° C, and at the time of ripening and harvesting, we notice great differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, which greatly affects the quality of the grapes. The amount of staples is in the area of an average of 400 mm.
The nature of the soil is not primarily too fertile. The soil is rather clay-clayey and clayey-calcareous, which is ideal for obtaining exceptional grapes. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 450-600 m. Amaren cultivars are typical of the whole area of Rioja Alavesa - mostly Tempranillo, graciano of blue grapes and Malvasia and Viura (also known as Macabeo) for the production of white wine.
The vineyards of the Amaren winery are a real luxury. On an area of 22 hectares, there are bushes that are over 60 years old, and on the next 30 hectares we find a few younger shrubs, aged between 30 and 60 years old. The vineyard itself is the most valuable of Amaren's winery, and it is also the best argument for a person to love their wine.
Old shrubs give the perfect balance and uniqueness of the taste of the future wine. The roots are anchored very deep into the soil where they can draw the necessary minerals, which then manifest themselves in the overall harmony and complexity of the flavors. The overall fertility of such vineyards is very small, which gives the wine its own individuality. The way wine is grown is governed by very strict rules on the use of fertilizers, which are predominantly of organic origin so as to be environmentally friendly.

Grape harvest for Amaren
The grapes are harvested mechanically, the individual grapes are put into small wooden boxes, which are then further sorted. First grapes are selected, the second selection is based on selection of the best berries. Unless, however, in some years grapes are of such quality that they can become Amaren, Amaren wine will not be produced in that year. Production of this wine is limited and is always dependent only on what nature gives.
Amaren Winery has state-of-the-art vinification technologies. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks or wooden vats. The ripening process itself takes place exclusively in new oak barrels made of American or French oak made by the best masters in their field.

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