Albert y Ferran Adria, Lyophilised black currant, Molecular kitchen, 150 g Lyophilized black currant is a new product from the Lyo Sabores family of Albert and Ferran Adria. The fruit is lyophilized to remove all water, but retains all the nutrients. They can be eaten separately or added to various sweet and savory dishes.

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Black currant is a significant source of vitamin C, flavonoids, and vitamin B and A. Lyophilized black currants can be used directly to make salty and sweet dishes (salads, ice cream, desserts), candy and biscuits, or rehydrated to achieve the desired structure. They can also be consumed separately as a dessert or mixed with milk or yoghurt.

Albert and Ferran Adria launched a new line of Lyo Sabores lyophilized fruit. From the fruit that is carefully selected, the water has been completely removed, the original scent, the color and the taste have been preserved. Vacuum packed products are free of any preservatives and preserve all taste qualities and nutritional values.

Content: 150 g

Origin: Spain

We are a direct importer of this product

Manufacturer Albert and Ferran Adrià
Package size 150 g
Country of origin Spain