Mixed berry jam, Lorusso, 305g Delicious forest fruit jam from Spanish Andalusia, flavored only with cane sugar and lemon. Enjoy the authentic taste of ripe, juicy berries and move to the south of Spain!

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Delicious forest fruit jam from Spanish Andalusiaflavored only with cane sugar and lemon. Enjoy the authentic taste of ripejuicy berries and move to the south of Spain! 

Naturally, Lorusso only uses the fruit that is available per season. This jam contains a total of no less than 85% fruit! The fruit comes from Andalusia. Enjoy this jam during breakfast, in yogurt, ice cream or with a delicious piece of cheese. Thanks to its unique packaging, this jam is also very suitable as a gift! 

All ingredients of this mango jam are selected with care. Only the best quality is good enough! All ingredients are certified organic. The jam is vegan, gluten-free and slow-made. 

  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • cane sugar
  • citrus pectin
- 85g of berries were needed for 100g of jam
- gluten free, vegan
Manufacturer LoRUSSo
Package size 305 g
Country of origin Spain