Pineapple jam and coconut liqueur, Las Doňas, 285g Jam with a unique taste that will surprise and delight every sweet lover. 100% natural product that contains only pineapple, coconut liqueur, sugar and a little lemon. We recommend trying it on vanilla ice cream!

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Jam of excellent quality and unique taste, which will delight more than one sweet tongue. It is a 100% natural product that does not contain any flavor enhancers, thickeners, gelling agents, or even pectin; only pineapple, coconut liqueur, sugar and a little lemon. It is great as a filling for puff pastry, for flavoring yoghurts or vanilla ice cream.
Behind the Las Doñas brand are three sisters from Andalusia who, a few years ago, decided to pull delicious homemade jams from their pantries and start a business. They started making jams according to a traditional recipe and the result is homemade natural products without chemical additives, which have found a place in many gourmet shops and have gained fans all over Spain.
The plate, the fruit, the sugar, the joy, the humility, and the simplicity are the only ingredients that the sisters use. And it will probably be true, because you will not achieve such an exceptional taste by chance and not at all, unless you put a little love into the work. They themselves say that they do not speed up the production process: "If the fruit needs to be cooked for three hours, we cook it for three hours, if five, we cook it for five hours." The result is a real vice that you will become addicted to!
  • 70% pineapple
  • sugar
  • citrus pectin
  • 2% coconut liqueur
  • natural product without dyes and preservatives
Manufacturer Las Doňas
Package size 285 g
Country of origin Spain

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