Sardines in olive oil 20/25, La Brújula, 115g Delicious sardines caught on the shores of the Atlantic and marinated in quality olive oil. They will find a place in every pantry - suitable as an appetizer or for sandwiches.

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Jaroslava Šnejdarová

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Excellent sardines that are fished exclusively in the month of September on the shores of Galicia. They are then cleaned by hand and put in quality olive oil. Thanks to processing exclusively without using machines and using only natural ingredients, the highest quality is guaranteed and the customer can get the most delicious dish on the table.

These sardines are packed in 20-25 pieces and are well suited as an appetizer or as tapas with wine. Sardines will be also delightful in a sandwich or a salad.

La Brújula is one of Spain's most renown seafood companies thanks to the latest technology, quality ingretients and traditional recipes.

Weight: 115g (20-25 pcs)
Origin: Spain

We are a direct importer of this product.
  •     sardines
  •     olive oil
  •     salt
Manufacturer La Brújula
Package size 115 g
Country of origin Spain

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