Small stuffed squid in Ink 6/8, La Brújula 110g Delicious little cuttlefish that are marinated in flavoured juice with ink. Pleasantly surprising with its texture, which is beautifully firm.

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The delicate little squid are hand-cleaned and then stuffed with their own tentacles. They are then cooked in their own juice according to a secret recipe. This creates a tasty delicacy that surprises with its pleasant texture.

Squid are excellent as part of appetizers, pasta dishes or in paella.

La Brújula is one of Spain's most prestigious seafood processing companies, thanks to the latest technology, quality ingredients and traditional recipes. La Brújula selects only the best quality ingredients from the Galician bays and the Cantanbrian Sea. They do not use preservatives, dyes or bleaches and adhere to strict quality controls during the production process.

Weight: 110 g (6-8 pcs)
Origin: Spain
We are a direct importer of this product.

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Morgan16. 05. 2024

Vynikající kalamáry plněné chapadly, ve vlastním inkoustu. Není co vytknout.

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Manufacturer La Brújula
Package size 110 g
Country of origin Spain

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