Josper Casserole 24cm Kastroly24 cm. Ideal for preparing eggs, seafood, fish, vegetables, shrimp or small meals. Other sizes are 16, 20, 28 cm. The casserole can be served directly on the table so that customers can get the food at a maintained temperature for a longer period of time. A Pirex glass pan with a bakelite holder can also be purchased for each cup. Size covers of 24 and 28 cm are also available in aluminum form.

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As a result of handmade fusion and the latest technology, Josper dishes made of castrons and Gastronorm made of hand-made alumina were born. The detailed manual material manufacturing technique guarantees a rapid and even heat distribution, which is the basis for perfect food preparation. The bottom part of the accessories is diamond-treated, which guarantees the most suitable contact with the high temperatures in the furnace. The result is a healthy and fast form of food preparation. Supplements are coated with the highest quality teflon to guarantee long service life and optimum results in use.

Superior technology allows Joser to move to a new dimension. Josper is not only used as a barbacoa but can also be used to prepare a large number of dishes in Gastronorm dishes and trays, giving the products a wonderful aroma of natural wood

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