Josper casserole, ø 20 cm Jasper Teflon Castrol with a diameter of 20 cm is ideal for fast and easy preparation of healthy dishes. Thanks to Teflon, it keeps the temperature cool and has a guaranteed long life.

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A 20 cm diameter casserole is ideal for preparing eggs, seafood, fish, vegetables, shrimp or small dishes. A Pirex glass pan with a bakelite holder can also be purchased for each cup.

The Gastronorm aluminum castron made of castron and sheet metal is the result of manual work and the latest technology. Detailed manual material production technology ensures fast and even heat distribution, which is the basis for perfect food preparation. The bottom of the dishes is diamond-treated, ensuring the best contact with high temperatures. The result is a healthy and fast form of food preparation. Supplements are coated with the highest quality teflon to guarantee long service life and optimal results when used.

Manufacturer Josper
Country of origin Spain