Joselito, Papada curada, pork lobe Joselito's pork lobe is an excellent delicacy of the finest pork. Delicious spiced meat is flavored with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano and thyme. Fine consistency and aromatic flavor will excite every gourmet

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Pork lobster flavored with a mixture of spices - salt, garlic, pepper, thyme and oregano, which matures for 12 months in natural driers. The deliciously fine flavor of the meat melts on the tongue.
JOSELITO focuses on the production of Spanish jam and other traditional sausages. Owning thousands of hectares of oak groves in the area around Salamanca, where black semi-wild pigs are grazing, they eat acorns and live as they live freely in the wild. Acorns contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce "bad cholesterol" and increase the "good cholesterol" level. That's why Iberian pig meat is healthy.
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer Joselito
Country of origin Spain