Joselito, Jamón Iberica Gran Reserva, ham with bone, 4,5 kg Delicious ham aged over 24 months is a delicious delicacy that dazzles every gourmet. The meat comes from black pigs, which feed exclusively on acorns, and so their meat is so great. Joselito specializes in the production of jam and is a guarantee of quality.

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The Iberica de Bellota Joselito palette is the front leg of the black semi-wild Iberian pigs. The palette differs not only from its size but also from the taste of meat. While the jam is juicy, the palette offers a variety of different flavors and the fat is not infiltrated into the muscle structure in such a thin vein. As a matter of fact, the palette is slightly sweet and very delicate. The meat is drenched and dried in natural driers for a minimum of 24 months. It contains no artificial preservatives or colorants.

JOSELITO focuses on the production of Spanish jam and other traditional sausages. Owning thousands of hectares of oak groves in the area around Salamanca, where black semi-wild pigs are grazing, they eat acorns and live as they live freely in the wild. Acorns contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce "bad cholesterol" and increase the "good cholesterol" level. That's why Iberian pig meat is healthy.

Weight: approx. 4.5- 5 Kg

Manufacturer: JOSELITO (Salamanca, Spain)

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