Joselito, Chorizo de Bellota, salami, 700 g Chorizo is a typical Spanish pepper sausage. JOSELITO Chorizo is made from pork meat of black Iberian pigs of the highest quality, which feeds exclusively on natural food. Thanks to this, you have a high quality delicacy that is healthy.

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Chorizo de bellota by Joselito is rightly considered one of the best in the world. It is made exclusively from black semi-feathered pigs that feed on herbs and acorns only. The meat is deliciously flavored with salt, sugar, garlic and red pepper. No artificial preservatives are used in production.

JOSELITO owns thousands of hectares of oak groves in the area around Salamanca, where black semi-wild pigs are grazed and live with acorns. The company is almost obsessed with the quality control of pigs. Iberian pigs live as they live freely in nature, they are happy, they have no stress. Each pig has about 3 hectares of land. Their diet is natural because they eat the acorns and the plants they taste. Because the acorns contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, their meat helps reduce "bad cholesterol" and increases the level of "good cholesterol."

We recommend opening 30 minutes before eating.

Manufacturer: JOSELITO

Country of origin: Spain

We are a direct importer of this product.

Manufacturer Joselito
Package size 700 g
Country of origin Spain