Grilled red peppers, Navarrico Piquillos 220g Piquillo de Lodosa grilled red peppers are an exceptional delicacy to be appreciated by every gourmet. Red peppers of the highest quality excellent taste will perfectly complement the white asparagus or tuna in olive oil.

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Traditional grilled Piquillo de Lodosa peppers are also sometimes nicknamed red gold, especially because of their excellent taste and high vitamin C content. They are sweet and smoke, thanks to the process of roasting on open flames. Thanks to its unique taste, it is perfectly suited for salads, spreads, tomato sauce or soup. White asparagus is excellent. They are processed manually without the use of preservatives or water.

El Navarrico is a family owned company that deals with the preservation of various kinds of vegetables and fruits. It was founded in 1950 in the region of Navarra in northern Spain. Her philosophy is respect for traditional agriculture and preserving. El Navarrico products always guarantee quality and uniqueness.

Net pack: 220g

Origin: Spain

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Manufacturer El Navarrico
Package size 220 g
Country of origin Spain