Gran Duque de Alba XO, Grand Reserva, sherry, 0,7 l Gran Duque de Alba is a unique sherry named after the famous Duke of Alba, who was known for his courage, honesty and loyalty. Sherry of superior quality, made from young fruit wines and aged in barricade barrels. Pleasant, velvety taste with a long finish will satisfy every lover of brandy.

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Gran Duque de Alba The Solera Gran Reserva is a delicious sherry that is made of the finest quality young white fruit wines. They are fermented at low temperature, allowed to mature on yeast slurries and then distilled. Ripening takes place in barrique barrels (after the Oloroso wine) by the Solera system. This produces delicious sherry of majestic mahogany color with golden reflections and complex aroma. The fine woody base reminds us of long aging in the barrels, it can feel the touch of vanilla, plums and raisins. The velvety taste is best enjoyed alone with your friends.
Alcohol content: 40%
Bottle volume: 0.7l
Country of origin: Spain
Alcohol content 40 %
Bottle size 0.7 l
Country of origin Spain