Godet Reserve from Famille, cognac, 0.7 l Unique single-breasted cognac 40 years old will be appreciated by real experts. Cognac comes from the Champagne region with a splendid amber color, smoky fruity aroma with a touch of vanilla and spicy flavor.

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Excellent cognac of the highest quality is made by the family company Godet and the varieties come exclusively from the Grande Champagne area. It boasts an elegant taste with the aroma of dried plums, violets and vanilla. The slightly spicy taste has a long maturity.
Cognac designed primarily for experts and lovers of quality - we recommend to leave on a special occasion and enjoy every sip.
Alcohol content: 40%
Bottle size: 0.7l
Country of origin: France
Alcohol content 40 %
Bottle size 0.7 l
Country of origin France