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Olive oil with black truffle, Espora Gourmet, 0.1l Truffle oil from extra virgin olive oil with bitter notes and the taste of black truffle. This ingredient is typically used as a finishing oil to drizzle on various dishes such as truffle fries, pasta, pizza, mashed potatoes and eggs. Truffle oil is available in all seasons and is significantly cheaper than fresh truffles.

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Tuber melanosporum called black truffle, Périgord truffle or French black truffle, is a type of truffle native to southern Europe. It is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world. It has a very strong aroma, jet black to purple in color, dotted with hexagonal bumps. When cut, the flesh is brown marbled with white veins. They range in size from a pea to a tennis ball. Its aroma and taste are variable, very intense and long-lasting.

Truffles grow a few centimeters underground in symbiosis with the roots of trees such as oaks, chestnuts, hazelnuts and hornbeams. These irregularly shaped bumpy little mushrooms grow from the size of a thumb to over 500g (although truffles of this size are rare). The firm flesh of the white truffle is light cream to light brown in color with white marbling.

The Espora Gourmet company has more than 30 years of tradition in Spain and abroad, dedicated to the sale of free-living mycological products, especially mushrooms and truffles.
Their premium range of products has been developed through specialist knowledge of truffles, using methods combining the most advanced technology and respect for nature.
Their main goal is to guarantee the maximum freshness of all their products and the selection of the best truffles, which receive the best care from the moment they are collected in the wild, during the processing processes, which always vary according to the target product, until the moment they are they get to you. All in order to preserve the unique properties of this luxurious delicacy.
Content: 0,1 l
Origin: Soria, Spain

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Manufacturer Espora Gourmet
Bottle size 0.1 l
Country of origin Spain

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