Albert y Ferran Adria, Eines, Molecular kitchen, 400 g Eines is closer to basic aids to help you discover the molecular kitchen. It contains everything necessary for the process of spherification, a process based on the re-creation of food.

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Eines is a useful package of spice aids. Depending on the shape and size you choose to choose, choose the right aid - the syringes are used for dripping spherical caviar, the spoon is suitable for large-sized meals (ravioli, gnocchi, balls).

Sterilization is a process based on the process of re-creating food that is commonly used in the food industry. It is the basic process of molecular gastronomy, when the fluid is sealed into small beads. This makes it possible to create unimaginable meals and gives gastronomy a whole new dimension. It was first introduced by Alberto and Ferran Adria in the Spanish restaurant El Bulli in 2003.

Content: 400 g

Origin: Spain

We are a direct importer of this product.

Manufacturer Albert and Ferran Adrià
Package size 400 g
Country of origin Spain