Octopus with paprika from La Vera, Don Bocarte, 120g Octopus flavoured with peppers, this is the unique delicacy that traditional fish delicatessen maker Don Bocarte comes up with. An exceptional canape for wine or beer, but it also tastes great on various salads or paella.

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Octopus Don Bocarte is an excellent delicacy that will please more than one lover of marine delicacies. Only the finest pieces from the Galician seas are used for production. Octopuses are fished with traditional fishing nets, subsequently taken over and small pieces returned to the sea. The best pieces are then carefully cooked to retain their typical texture and flavour and seasoned with smoked La Vera peppers. The result is an exceptional delicacy that will enhance your festive whiteboard or wine night.
Don Bocarte is a Spanish company specializing in the production of high-quality fish and seafood products. The company is based in the Cantabrian town of Santoña, which is known for producing anchovies. At Don Bocarte, they ensure a careful selection of raw materials and traditional production processes. This puts their high-quality products on the tables of the best restaurants and in the most exquisite shops around the world.

Petr25. 07. 2022

  •       Cooked pulp (optopus vulgaris),
  •       extra virgin oil,
  •      green pepper
  •      paprika
  •      salt,
  •      Preservative free
Výrobce Don Bocarte
Velikost balení 120 g
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