Tuna Bonito del norte, Don Bocarte, 160g Bonito del norte, these are the finest pieces of tuna cooked in salt and then loaded into extra virgin olive oil. The result is a delicacy of first-class quality that will make your salads delicious, delight your taste buds in the form of an appetizer or brighten your evening with wine.

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Bonito del Norte, this is premium-quality tuna that comes from the Cantabria Sea. The tuna is then cooked in a carefully chosen amount of salt, which gives it its typical juiciness and tenderness. This high-quality delicacy will not disappoint any gourmet. It is best enjoyed as an appetizer with a little salad or pastry, or just for a glass of wine.

Don Bocarte is a Spanish company specialising in the production of high quality fish products. The company is based in the Cantabrian town of Santoña, which is known for producing anchovies. At Don Bocarte, they ensure a careful selection of raw materials and traditional production processes. This puts their high-quality products on the tables of the best restaurants and in the most exquisite shops around the world.

Weight: 160 g
Origin: Spain, Santoña

We are a direct importer of this product
  •      Albacore Tuna
  •      olive oil
  •      salt
Výrobce Don Bocarte
Velikost balení 160 g
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