Anchovies Cantabrian fillets 10/12, Don Bocarte, 100g Excellent fillets of anchovies pickled in extra virgin oil. Their meaty texture and clean taste will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Enjoy them alone, with wine, beer or as an appetizer with pastries.

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Carefully boneless anchovies with a consistent meaty texture and clean taste. The beautifully brown salmon colour, without any defect, with silver spots on the sides, only suggests that these fish were treated with kid gloves. Fishing takes place in the Cantabria Sea exclusively between April and June, when the fish have the best quality and taste. The fish are then loaded into high-quality extra virgin olive oil and salt. The result is an exquisite delicacy that you will enjoy as an appetizer or a canape for a glass of wine or beer.
Don Bocarte is a Spanish company specialising in the production of high quality fish products. The company is based in the Cantabrian town of Santoña, which is known for producing anchovies. At Don Bocarte, they ensure a careful selection of raw materials and traditional production processes. This puts their high-quality products on the tables of the best restaurants and in the most exquisite shops around the world.
  •      Anchovies,
  •      extra virgin olive oil,
  •      salt
Manufacturer Don Bocarte
Package size 100 g
Country of origin Spain

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