Jamon, Serrana Palette, set including stand and knife, 4 kg Spanish Dried Ham A variety of serranos in a stand with a knife in an elegant bag! A gift that will please and at the same time very surprising every lover of specialties. The gift set includes ham, gift bag, stand and knife.

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The pallet is a mark for the front leg. The serrano name again tells about the type of pig from which the ham was produced - that is, a white domestic swine. Pallets are about 4-4.5 kg by weight. The foreleg (we apologize to experts and experts for an inaccurate lay expression, rightly to be called only shoulder) is characteristic of its more intense and more pronounced flavor than the jam. In some areas of Spain, for example in Catalonia, the pallet for its properties is even preferable to jamon.

We only select ham from manufacturers who can control the entire process of pig breeding and ripening ham.

In our environment, the pallet is a very popular ham mainly because of its small weight. All of our ham is supplied in the so-called "V" cut. This means that part of the hard skin and V-shaped grease is cut off on the outside of the ham after the mature to eliminate the weight of the waste when slicing on the customer side.

It is possible that mold appears on the surface of the ham. This mold does not cause any concern either to the complaint. It is a perfectly natural process of ripening ham. You can easily get rid of the mold with a cloth and a little oil to wipe the ham powder.

The gift set includes ham, gift bag, stand and knife.

Country of origin: Spain

Manufacturer Jamones Pesón
Package size 4000 g
Country of origin Spain

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