Navarrico / Garbanzos 700g El Navarrico salty brine is an excellent alternative for the vegetarian, but will also satisfy the meat lovers.

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Cizrna also means Roman Games is a very popular legume in southern Spain where it is preparing for all possible ways. It is excellent for vegetarians but also fits for meat. Excellent with mangold, jam and potatoes. Chimney is a great source of vitamin and supplies a lot of energy. All vitamins and minerals are represented in chickpeas. It contains a lot of iron (more than other legumes), magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium. Thanks to omega 6 fatty acids it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce cholesterol in the blood. A high proportion of vitamin E and zinc bring healthy skin and hair and strengthens the immune system.

El Navarrico is a family owned company that deals with the preservation of various kinds of vegetables and fruits. It was founded in 1950 in the region of Navarra in northern Spain. Her philosophy is respect for traditional agriculture and preserving. El Navarrico products always guarantee quality and uniqueness.

Net pack: 660 g

Ingredients: boiled chickpeas, water, salt

Origin: Spain

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Manufacturer El Navarrico
Package size 660 g
Country of origin Spain