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Goat sausage, Cecinas Pablo This traditional Spanish sausage is made from the most delicious goat meat, which is seasoned with selected spices and desserts in special dryers on oak wood. Cecinas Pablo is a guarantee of quality and first class gastronomic experience. Delicate goat sausage from the Spanish company Cecinas Pablo in a vacuum package. Selected goat meat with a smoky touch that gives it a unique flavor.

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Selected goat meat, slowly dried, with a smoky oak of wood that gives it a unique flavor. The sausage is produced in a traditional way, using natural creams and home-made spices - garlic, peppers, oregano and salt.
Longaniza is a traditional Spanish sausage that can be made from various types of meat. In this case, the most beloved goat meat that was sampled and loaded into the marinade was used to prepare it. The resulting mass was then filled with a natural casing, which was allowed to dry or to be dusted on oak wood.
Cecinas Pablo is a family Spanish company that produces a range of Spanish sausages using years of proven practice.
We recommend opening it for at least half an hour before eating to fully develop the taste.
Ingredients: goatmeat, pepper, sugar, salt, garlic and oregano 
Package Content: 400g
Country of origin: Spain
We are a direct importer of this product.
Manufacturer Cecinas Pablo
Country of origin Spain