Albert y Ferran Adria, Azuleta, Molecular kitchen, 1 kg Sucrose suitable for preparation of food in molecular kitchen.

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Azuleta is a carbohydrate with the scent, color and taste of violets, which can be used in the preparation of various desserts or cocktails, to which it gives a pleasant floral touch.

Since 1997, Albert and Ferran Adria has been involved in the development of various textures in molecular gastronomy. Surprises, which also include Azuleta, is a range of products that are distinguished by the fact that they can be consumed separately or in combination with other ingredients. The products of this series have different qualities, but also a common denominator, a specific structure that can make every meal special. In the case of this carbohydrate they are small purple crystals.

Content: 1 kg

Origin: Spain

We are a direct importer of this product

Manufacturer Albert and Ferran Adrià
Package size 500 g
Country of origin Spain