Olive oil with black truffles, Arotz, 0.2l This high quality olive oil is flavored with the unmistakable taste of the black truffle. Thanks to its specific taste it will elevate every dish. You can use it for hot as well as cold dishes.

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Since the Sumerian times the truffle has been considered the most delicious gourmet specialty. The combination of quality olive oil and black truffles is the culmination of a gastronomic experience. This quality oil makes each salad a unique dish!

Already since ancient times, the truffle has been shrouded in mystery for its rarity, smell and pleasure. To this day he has retained his secrecy and undoubted gastronomic value. From the total of 70 known truffle species, the most valued are Tuber melanosporum (truffle) and Tuber magnatum (white truffle).

Arotz has launched a comprehensive and effective mechanism for collecting this sponge. Once discovered in the evening, the following day is processed. Arotz was founded in 1960 and has a dominant market position in the production of Spanish truffle, chestnut, mushroom and forest fruit.

Content: 0,2 l
Origin: Soria, Spain

We are a direct importer of this product.
Manufacturer AROTZ
Bottle size 0.2 l
Country of origin Spain

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