Octopus in olive oil, Agromar, 190g An excellent delicacy that won't disappoint any gourmet. A clean and delicate taste of meat that will delight your taste buds and a special festive board or even an ordinary evening of wine.

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Only three ingredients - octopus, a little salt and good-quality olive oil - ensure that you enjoy the pure taste of the best bits fished from the Cantabria Sea. A delicacy that brightens more than one evening of fine wine.
Agromar is a Spanish company that has been conserving the finest pieces from the seas of Europe for over 50 years. The factory is located on the Cantabrian coast, just off the famous fishing market in Gijón, and has access to the freshest fish. It is very much based on quality and craftsmanship, making its products available in famous restaurants and gourmet shops around the world.

Christopher24. 03. 2022

  •      Octopus,
  •      olive oil,
  •      salt
Manufacturer Agromar
Package size 190 g
Country of origin Spain

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